Single taken party cup ideas,

single taken party cup ideas

Waste Prevention through compostable single-use Tableware But on this occasions, usually incredible amounts of garbage are produced as all the guests want to be adequately supplied.

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Numerous discarded plastic cups or paper plates which get only recycled in two of ten cases are the consequence. Anything but sustainable — but what can you do?

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We have the solution! Papstar — Bio-degradable dishware The brand Papstar pure is producing single-use tableware of high quality which consists completely of renewable resources that are bio-degradable or compostable within a few days.

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Thereby, immense amounts of waste can be avoided and the wooden cutlery, the plates of sugar crane or the bowls of palm leaf do not only look appealing, but also satisfy the nature lovers. Aside from the responsible treatment of our environment, the company also focusses on short transport ways and on fair working conditions and the products are certified with the Blue Angel eco-label.

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So, for your next birthday party outdoors, you do not have to bring and wash your crystal glasses or the good sterling cutlery to save the environment. Instead, single taken party cup ideas can easily buy your sustainable single use dishware from the Papstar online shop beforehand.

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The transparent bubbles are held by an edible membrane that consists completely of plants and seaweed and that can be filled optionally with water, juice or even cosmetics. And if the water ball does not get consumed but disposed instead, it only takes four to six weeks until it rots.

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For comparison: a plastic bottle needs approximately year for that! Currently, the concept still gets improved, especially regarding stability and transportability.

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But the Ooho-Team has taken a first step in the right direction and has already been awarded several times for its revolutionary idea.

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