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I was not using it responsibly getting unhealthy.

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So now I'm back. I'm ready to go and a lot of things have changed. I got a haircut and apparently I'm a dad, Griffin told me that the other day so I've been working on my dad jokes.

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Neutron walks into a bar says how much for a drink bartender looks at him and says for you no charge. Alright so Elizabeth we're doing Elizabeth today, nine. The time domain on this is between six and 8 minutes.

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If you can go faster than that great, you scale properly or you can just move that barbell very efficiently time cap for this is gonna be.

Minutes so you got plenty of time to work your way through all these reps so couple of things you wanna keep in mind if you're going touch and go or if you're just gonna start with fast singles, you gotta keep that bar moving touch and go you can keep moving and then take short breaks or if you're gonna do the um the fast singles, then we want to make sure that our feet are planted on the underneath that bar as soon as we drop that bar and then get ready to reset and keep that bar going so it's up to you on how you wanna do it.

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Obviously, if you're gonna go with a lighter weight, you'll be able to touch and go if you wanna try to go for the. Rx and go for those fast singles that's fine. Also we just don't wanna camp out on that bar.

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Don't be a hero on the rings. Make sure you split those things up unless you can bust out to nine in a row.

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If not good way to look at it is maybe sevens on the first uh ones fives and then maybe try to bust out that last nine and two sets or go on broken on that um make sure you hook gripping grip will go out. This, especially after a lot of uh lot of reps on those cleans um it didn't feel like singles williamsburg va in the singles williamsburg va, but towards that round of fifteen grips started going and in the round of nine it ended up uh I had to break it up into two sets, which was quite a bit for me um on a flirten norddeutschland of nine but that is it in a nutshell guys.

It's great to be back and hopefully we will see you in the layer to take on Elizabeth.

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