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Exerpokal — alle Spiele, alle Tore Zu den Spielberichten mit vielen Fotos BILD ANKLICKEN Hier gehts zur Rotation hangelt am Abstiegsabgrund FUSSBALL. Minute gerade verklungen. Doch die folgenden Spielminuten zeigten keineswegs eine verzagt aufspielende Prenzlauer Berger … weiterlesen FC Internationale II in letzter Sekunde gestoppt FUSSBALL.

The course is nice. Mostly flat with a limited number of rolling hills. The fans were great.

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So many people of all ages yelling 'Gambatte kudasai'. It was a fun environment.

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Sapporo is a wonderful city to visit and is worth a couple of days in addition to marathon day to explore and shop in. The 9AM start time is a bit later than we are used to in Taiwan and while a little earlier wouldn't hurt, it was tolerable, especially for those of us used to the heat.

Now, the not so good.

Why you can come to the start with a good feeling

The official race website says that runners will be aligned behind the invited runners in order of submitted times. I submitted a time so I fully expected to be placed in the front of five groups.

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However, this is not what happened. After initially being put in the 'E' last group, for whatever reason I don't know, they moved me up to the 'C' group. They told me that 'A' and 'B' groups were reserved for 'Registered Japanese runners' and was told that 'this is how single taken marathon training do it in Japan.

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The first four kilometers were a dreadful chore of navigating through slow runners, putting a lot of stress on the quads while losing a lot of time at the same time. I feel like all of my training and preparation to get a Boston Qualifier time was wasted. I never had a chance. I am not a strong enough runner yet to overcome those obstacles to get a BQ. If you are looking for a BQ or PR and are not a registered Japanese runner, avoid this race at all costs.

If you are just going for enjoyment, by all means, make the trip.

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Other than the race, I really enjoyed my time in Sapporo. Great Little Event about: Course: 4 Organization: 5 Fans: 5 C. It's a small event; there's not much of an expo, no advertising, etc. Not much English is spoken there, so you may have to learn a Japanese word or two. Everyone was friendly and helpful.


The volunteers and spectators seemed to enjoy the foreign runners. I ran a PB, and had a great day. This says it all. In '06 we had the worst conditions ever for the race.

Slowest winning time in 20 years, lowest of runners under 34 since

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