Sec helmet single visor

sec helmet single visor

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NIMAL SIRIPALA DE SILVA, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation. Colombo, 21st February Regulations 1. These Regulations may be cited as the Motor Traffic Protective Helmets Regulations No. Every person who rides a motor cycle or is carried on a motor cycle shall wear a protective helmet at all times. The protective helmet shall be- a worn to securely fit the wearers head ; b fitted with a chin strap ; and c fitted with a visor not made of a tinted or coloured material exposing the face area without obstructing the peripheral vision 4.

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When a protective helmet is worn, no part, extension or attachment thereof, shall obscure, conceal, or distort any portion of the face of the wearer. The protective helmet and chin strap shall be one single unit without any sharp edges, sharp points, joints, everts or bolts around it.

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This Gazette Extraordinary can be downloaded from www. The colour of the protective helmet shall be ninety percent a single colour that is easily visible without any light reflectively from its outer surface.

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Every protective helmet worn or used by a person who rides on motor cycle shall conform to Sri Lanka Standard : or such sec helmet single visor that may be applicable for protective helmets from time to time. The Motor Traffic Approved Protective Helmets Regulations ofpublished in the Gazette Extraordinary No. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires :- Chin strap means a strap which is not less than 20mm in width that passed under the wearers chin or lower jaw and which is intended to retain the helmet on the wearers head under impact ; and Visor means a transparent protective screen extending over the eyes and covering part of all of the face of the wearer.

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