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Background[ edit ] At the previous federal election inthe incumbent government—composed of the Christian Democratic Union CDUthe Christian Social Union CSU led gelsenkirchen single party, and the Free Democratic Party FDP —had failed to maintain a majority of seats.

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Date[ edit ] German law requires that a new Bundestag shall be elected on a Sunday or on a nationwide holiday between 46—48 months after the last Bundestag's first sitting Basic Law Article 39 Section 1. Until that first sitting, the members of the 18th Bundestag remained in office Basic Law Article 39 Section 1 and 2.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message Germany uses the mixed-member proportional representation systema system of proportional representation combined with elements of first-past-the-post voting. The Bundestag has nominal members, elected for a four-year term; these seats are distributed between the sixteen German states in proportion to the states' led gelsenkirchen single party eligible to vote.


Every elector has two votes: a constituency and a list vote. The second votes are used to produce an overall proportional result in the states and then in the Bundestag.

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If a party wins fewer constituency seats in a state than its second votes would entitle it to, it receives additional seats from the relevant state list. Parties can file lists in each single state under certain conditions; for example, a fixed number of supporting signatures.

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Parties can receive second votes only in those states in which they have successfully filed a state list. If a party by winning single-member constituencies in one state receives more seats than it would be entitled to according to its second vote share in that state so-called overhang seatsthe other parties receive compensation seats.

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Owing to this provision, the Bundestag usually has more than members. The 18th Bundestag, for example, started with seats: regular and 33 overhang and compensation seats. Overhang seats are calculated at the state level, so many more seats are added to balance this out among the different states, adding more seats than would be needed to compensate for overhang at the national level in order to avoid negative vote weight.

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In the most recent example of this, during the electionthe PDS won only 4. The same applies if an independent candidate wins a single-member constituency which has not happened since In the electionthe FDP only won 4.

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If a voter has cast a first vote for a successful independent candidate or a successful candidate whose party failed to qualify for proportional representation, their second vote does not count to determine proportional representation.

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