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Meet Steve: With Covid behind us for the most partteve is traveling from London Gatwick to Berlin Schönefeld with Easyjet, the airline where the price and the carry-on are equal in pounds… yes… they are THAT cheap.

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Steve is heading to Berlin to see nice things and drink stuff. The best place for that, so Steve was told, is a bar so there he goes and kennenlernen noun a German girl.

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As I said, he does not speak her native tongue. Yet kennenlernen noun is very interested in it… … badumm tish … Hoping that his English accent will get him access, Steve decides to make an essay to express his delight about that contemporary acquaintance of his… in German. Dictionary to the rescue!!! But just as a dictionary brought my last sentence to the brink of nonsense, it gives less than perfect advice to Steve: Schön, dich zu treffen.

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That is the literal translation of Nice to meet you. That is, while totally understandable and ok, NOT the right thing to say… If you meet someone for the first time, the best verb in German is kennenlernen… literally this is learning to know, less literally it would be getting to know, not literally it is meeting for the first time and illiterately it would be hjaugebtcniaun … ok … that last one was kind of mean I guess.

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I am being a bit stupid today… please indulge me :. Act 2 is usually the time in a drama when the well established hero encounters an obstacle to overcome. Who is our main character anyway, you ask?

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Well it is and has always been the word treffen : … Treffen is not a hard word. Sure… it does have to main meanings to meet and to hit but they can easily be thought of as one and the same underlying idea.

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Not so easy you say? This can either mean that I did not meet him or that I did not hit him. So it seems like to miss is the opposite of either of the 2 verbs, to meet and to hit, and hence they are the same… or at least close enough :.

Dein Eintrag fehlt auf dieser Seite?. Kassel Deutschland kennenlernen. Mit der Verbindung mit dem oberschlesischen Oppeln war ein Städtenetzwerk aus den Städten Carrara, Grasse, Ingolstadt und Oppeln entstanden, die jeweils Partnerstädte sind. Juni haben die beiden Partnerstädte Ingolstadt und Grasse einen Vertrag über Projektpartnerschaft mit der Gemeinde Legmoin in Burkina Faso abgeschlossen, dessen Ziel die Durchführung von Entwicklungsprojekten in dem strukturschwachen Gebiet der afrikanischen Partnergemeinde ist. Der Name Ingolstadt wurde für folgende Lufthansa -Maschinen vergeben:.

Ich treffe dich am Kinn. I hit you on the chin. I meet you at the fountain.

100 Verbs Every German Beginner Must-Know

Thomas met his boss in Rome. Thomas hit his boss in the stomach.

SolidWorks User Groups provide you the opportunity to meet and compare experiences with other product designers and engineers. November Momente des Ankommens Kennenlernen. November Moments of arrival Meet. Das beginnt schon beim Kennenlernen und Zuhören, wenn sie ihre Geschichten erzählen. That starts with discovering and listening to their stories.

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