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Note: Entry to attend a sports event as a spectator is not a mandatory reason for entry. The decision whether to allow entry at the border is at the discretion of the border officials. Under the ordinance governing entry during the coronavirus pandemic Coronavirus-Einreiseverordnungtravellers are also required to complete digital registration on entry ; to present proof of a negative COVID test resultproof of vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID; and to comply with how to answer single or taken quarantine regulations depending on the risk status of the country of departure.

Under what circumstances are unmarried partners permitted to enter Germany for short-term visits from third countries which are not on the safe list, and what special provisions apply?

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Entry into Germany for unmarried partners of German citizens, citizens of another European Union member state, citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, or citizens of non-EU countries who have a current right of residence in Germany, who are currently living in Germany: Download Declaration of single schweiz existence of the relationship download PDF KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.

It is irrelevant whether they met in Germany or elsewhere. Please note that documents cannot be sent in advance. Regardless of the criteria stated above, the decision on whether to permit entry is at the discretion of the officers conducting border checks.

Joint entry of unmarried couples for short-term visits for urgent reasons, if one partner is German, a citizen of another EU country, or a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway how to answer single or taken Switzerland: Download Declaration of the existence of the relationship and the urgent reason for entry download PDF KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.

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Which skilled or highly qualified foreign workers are permitted to enter Germany from countries outside of the European Union? Skilled and highly qualified workers may enter Germany only if they prove their obligation to be present in Germany e.

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Relevant documentation is to be submitted during the visa procedure if a visa is requiredcarried during travel and presented during border checks if requested. For foreign skilled and highly qualified workers who i may enter Germany for a long-term stay without requiring a visa kennenlernen in perfect tense accordance with section 41 1 of the Ordinance Governing Residence but who ii are not nationals of a country that is on the positive list, the following applies: to facilitate entry, persons who do not apply to the German diplomatic representation abroad for a visa to take up their employment immediately and instead acquire their residence permit after entering Germany may ask the German diplomatic representation responsible for their place of usual residence for certification of their eligibility for and of the urgency of their entry, based on the provision of documentation from their employer.

The documentation from the employer must contain a job description. Please refer to the website of the Federal Foreign Office to find the German diplomatic mission abroad responsible for your place of residence.

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Self-employed and dependently employed business travellers who carry out activities referred to in section 30 no. This is conditional, however, on the requirement to substantiate sufficiently e. A declaration of the absolute necessity of business travel signed by the employer or business partner in Germany can be used to provide sufficient evidence.

This document is to be carried during travel and presented in checks by the air carrier or by border police officers. Please note that it cannot be sent in advance.

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A declaration by an employer or business partner in the country from which the traveller is being posted non-EU country is not sufficient on its own. It is also possible for business travellers to enter Germany to visit trade fairs. The following documents are necessary to provide sufficient evidence that entry is absolutely necessary: for trade fair exhibitors: confirmation of participation from the trade fair organiser for trade fair visitors: a ticket for entry to the trade fair and confirmation from at least one exhibitor that the visitor has an appointment for a business meeting at the trade fair.

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As a general rule, it is possible for business travellers to enter Germany to speak at or take part in conventions. They are required to present the following documents to provide sufficient evidence that entry is absolutely necessary: documents providing evidence that their presence is absolutely necessary even taking the pandemic into account and that satisfactory participation online is not possible; and confirmation of registration or another similar document showing that the traveller will actively take part in the convention Regardless of the criteria stated above, the decision on whether to permit entry is at the discretion of the officers conducting border checks.

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Are apprentices, students, school pupils, au pairs, volunteers, trainees and participants in language courses and vocational training measures from outside of the European Union allowed to enter Germany?

The following applies to non-EU nationals residing in non-EU countries not on this list: Non-EU nationals residing in non-EU countries not on the safe list are permitted to enter Germany to begin quality vocational training if they meet the following criteria: The person has a visa for purposes of training or education after completing a language course, if applicable.

Entry for the purpose of attending a language course to prepare for subsequent training is permitted if the person demonstrates upon entry that the training will begin directly after the completion of the language course without any intervening travel home, which would require re-entry to start the actual training.

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Entry for measures to recognise professional qualifications acquired abroad is also possible. And it is again possible to enter Germany for the purpose of completing a university course of study or for individual semesters of study.

Students are required to present an admission notice issued by the institution of higher education.

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Because institutions of higher education are offering both online and in-person instruction, it is not necessary to provide any separate documentation of the need to attend in person. Entry into Germany for the purpose of attending school is also possible.


This includes attending special language classes before enrolling in a school if the traveller can demonstrate that they have already registered to attend the school. The planned length of stay must be at least six months. Au pairs, participants in voluntary service, trainees and participants in vocational training measures or language courses may also enter Germany. Proof of the reason for entry must be provided.

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