Flirten in german language

flirten in german language

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How do you express your feelings in German? Ahh, the feeling of lust! Have you ever had butterflies in your belly?

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  • Она извинилась, предположила, что Беккер перепутал агентство, и, наконец, положила трубку.

Have you ever been head over heels in love? Or at least have had the hots for someone — Warst du schon einmal scharf auf jemanden?

How Nations Flirt

How are you! Is always a good place to start.

You take a trip with your friends to Berlin.

Hey du! In case you are to break the ice, or start a conversation via whatsapp also works just fine. This is a way to express to be turned down by someone or to turn someone down. And what now?!

Коммандер не отпускал. Она попробовала закричать, но голос ей не повиновался. Ей хотелось убежать, но сильные руки тянули ее .

So, what to do after the first Hallo! Ask something or think of something that catches your eye regarding the other person.

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz! My whole heart is yours Du bist mein Ein und Alles!

Or if you are in a bar or a club compliment the person about their dancing flirten in german language. Just nothing too cheesy — kitschig, and best to be honest.

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Or if you want to be a little bit more cautious or are afraid they will say no, offer them yours: Soll ich dir meine Telefonnummer geben und du meldest dich bei mir? Once set up a date you just have to look forward to seeing the person! Ich freue mich auf dich!

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Den Laufpass geben. But whatever you plan to say, do it face-to-face and be honest and direct.

Ready to start learning with Lingoda?

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get flirty in German?

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