Parker Square

July 21, 2011 Aaron Conner text me to say an intern could fit me in. When he text me I parked. I was outside of Parker Square Apartments at 10th and Highland Ave in downtown Kansas City. I got out of my car and walked in to Parker Square. I took a seat on the curb and listen. My eyes were upon a paper bag once wet with booze as it flickered in the hot wind. I could smell the stench of need. A couple was fighting a block or so away. A baby was crying. Music was blaring. The sound of helicopter blades cut into the wind. A woman sat on her stoop fanning her face, she was humming a tune. I smiled and knew I was home. I sat there in the sun. The interns name was Matt Wyatt. I didn't need much, just access to the piano and a particular microphone while he pressed record, kept levels, and such. He couldn't have been more kind. I had the beginnings of a cold. We had a four hour session; maybe it was six or three. Regardless in that time I recorded seven songs and got the materials to touch up a couple of tracks on collaboration. The base tracks for the five songs on this E.P. were recorded that day. H Stewart
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