Dating berlin sonia rossi

dating berlin sonia rossi

Fucking Berlin - Studentin und Teilzeit-Hure

I was wandering around a bookstore when I spied the sales section. The title caught my eye immediately.

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Here we go — a book I should have written. If you are caught in a dating whole, exhausted and hopeless, and look for a book to lift you up; go for it: She talks about her past as a prostitute.


She laughs about her disastrous blind dates. She cries about her taste in men since she always picks the same type. The ghoster who disappears after the first dating berlin sonia rossi. The liar who still has feelings for his ex.

But in a city occupied by dysfunctional Millenials, will there be a happy ending? Who knows. Der Film hat mich ehrlich gesagt gar nicht so überzeugt.

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Das zweite Buch hingegen gefiel mir ziemlich gut. Die Geschichte an sich ist zwar nicht besonders spannend, aber dennoch habe ich das Buch gerne gelesen und es wird mir positiv in Erinnerung bleiben.

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Apr 11, Felicitas Träumer rated it really liked it Nice reading, but nothing too surprising if you know her story from the first book. It is interesting though, how a former prostitute copes with finding Mr Right and with not hiding naturfreunde kennenlernen past from him.

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The end is nothing spectacular, but makes it a whole story. Jan 06, Adalbert rated it really liked it Entertaining!

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  • Leben[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Medienberichten zufolge stammt Sonia Rossi aus Sizilienanderen Angaben zufolge von einer kleinen süditalienischen Insel.
  • Dating Berlin: Auf der Jagd nach Mr Right von Sonia Rossi

Nov 19, Anne Panne rated it liked it the first one was more interestet.

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