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Mithilfe im Alltag gesucht in der Sierra Nevada in der Nähe von Ohanes, Spanien
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  • Mithilfe im Alltag gesucht in der Sierra Nevada in der Nähe von Ohanes, Spanien

Approached by the client, a family in Bergen, ClaessonKoivisto Rune was commissioned to make the interior architecture of their home. The house was already designed by Canadian bergen single pendant light Todd Saunders and into its planning phase.

bergen single pendant light

Mutual respect between the two architectural offices made the project more like a collaboration than separate commissions, although responsibility for the exterior remained with Saunders Architecture, and the interior with ClaessonKoivisto Rune Architects.

The house is on a steep plot on one of the mountainsides above the city centre.

bergen single pendant light

The entrance is from the top floor with kitchen, dining and living. The floor beneath contains the bedrooms. A lowest, third, floor is reached via its own entrance and functions as a separate apartment.

bergen single pendant light

The central element of a big black block, in pigmented oak, housing the staircase was inserted in to the open interior space. Besides its obvious function as vertical communication between the two main floors, this free-standing volume defines the room functions of the communal entrance floor.

bergen single pendant light

On one side of the block is the kitchen and dining space. On the other side is the living room.

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Yet, the entire floor is spatially one whole room. Above the block, and along all four sides, sightlines are unhindered.

Although quite drastically changing the interior architecture it was readily welcomed by Saunders.

bergen single pendant light

A testament to the smooth collaboration between the two architectural firms. In the living room, a custom made bookcase in solid Douglas Pineadds a second space-defining volume, balancing the blackened wood staircase block.

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A selection of contemporaryfurniture pieces designed by ClaessonKoivisto Rune, together with other new and classic Scandinavian designs populate the space in free-standing arrangements.

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