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Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to inform to that will be taken down soon.
As of now and for future releases, please refer to

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, leider müssen wir mitteilen, dass die Seite bald abgestellt wird.
Ab jetzt und für zukünftige Veröffentlichungen gilt

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New release: Aqua

Ishtar is the only member of this project.
Playing keyboards in Adveniat Hiems and LustNotes, Ishatr has been part of the italian black metal scene for more than a decade.
Ambient-flavored side projects progressively drove Ishtar toward a more classic and acoustic style, discovering a passion for delicate, minimal sounds.


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New release: Dark Skies

Astronomy divine, that’s what the great Pink Floyd sang about.
This album clearly is a reference to Floyd as well as a great album of its own.

This is Sleep Orchestra’s first full-length.
Have fun – it’s name-your-price!

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New release: Farewell

It has been a while since our last release, yes.. Please excuse this delay. WT is a one-man-project and I simply didn’t have enough time to care about it.
But as you can see, here we go again. This is our new release.

“He saw the Creator” hails from Brazil. He blends Noise with ambient soundscapes and succeeds in creating haunting and yet uplifting atmospheres.
The tracks speak of crossing frontiers. Frontiers into space as well as to the Gods.

Get yourself ready for a dive into the deep organic world of “Farewell”.


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New release: Bullets and blood

For our inaugural 2014 release and all releases coming after it, we here at Withering Trees decided to go new ways:
Releases are now downloadable via bandcamp. They will be name-your-price. You may still wish to download them for free, and that’s totally fine.
Should you wish to donate some money for our music, then all proceeds will be split half-way between artist and netlabel.

Enough talking for now, let’s get to it. Head over to the ‘Releases’ page and pre-listen what we have in store for you now.


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New release: Drone Messiah (Self-inflicted wounds)

cover Sean 2Life and Death surround themselves. One cannot exist with nor without the other. Harming myself surely isn’t a very good thing to do, but those tunes from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt brought me back into life, back to reality, back to my own mind. Thank you!

NB: Since Life and Death occur in so many variations, we decided to not only have ONE album cover artwork, but FIVE.

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New release: Mist EP

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear music lovers,

it’s beginning to get cold outside, Winter’s slowly sneeking in, we thrive to be in a warm and cosy place.

Even Ambient music is turning darker and more winter-ish these days. Our newest release here on Withering Trees is exactly what you would like to listen to in autumn and winter.
It’s emotional, it’s captivating, it’s a wonderful soundtrack for the colder days.

Ladies and Gentemen, please welcome our new artist Robert Farrugia.

Robert Farrugia - Mist EP - cover

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New release: Long Decay

Despite its having only four tracks, this album by English ambient music superstar Cousin Silas is a wonderful mixture of Drone, Ambient, Soundscapes and beautiful organically grown tunes.
It is at the same time as relaxing as it is captivating. It makes you feel at home.1174918_266788520112848_169223905_n

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New release: Tny Rstt

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear music friends, Withering Trees has been quite inactive over the past weeks. This is about to change now as there are some amazing releases waiting in queue now.
Here’s for the first one:

A composition student at Oberlin Conservatory and an avid improviser, Anthony Risotto is fascinated by the effects of long, static sounds on a listener, as happens in nature. And by simplicity.

Great found sound to be listening to while relaxing and having a smoke and/or a cup of tea.Album cover.001

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New release: A landscape re-defined

Six artists from all over the world have teamed up to pay hommage to the grandmaster of ‘musique concrète’, which has been a great influence to so many other artists and composers.
Hailing from Austria, Germany, Sweden; USA and Korea, those artists each have created a wonderful reworked version of a John Cage track.

Each track had to be used in full bloom – no parts were to be cut out and looped. And there even is a rendition of 4’33”.

Where would modern day’s music be without the help of John Cage?
This is a tribute to the master of indeterminacy, to the godfather of modern age music.
This is for John Cage.


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